Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wanna go back to CN

I have an urge to buy an air ticket and go back to CN tomorrow. I know i sounded pretty crazy! Actually i had checked out the air ticket, but i know the plan of going back to CN is just so hard to be materialized.

I wish to go, but how about my kids? Just leave them to my mother? Gosh, i don't think my mother can manage 3 kids by her own, they will simply drive my mother to nuts! That's why i am still here and didn't go to issue my air ticket.

Maybe i should just wait till September, hubby will come back again in September then perhaps we are going back together, yeah, everyone is going back, hopefully there is no longer a phobia H1N1 so that i can bring my little baby back to CN too.

I wish to stay with hubby, don't you think that this is more healthier for a relationship? I miss him badly, have been quite a while since i last seen him, so most probably we will unite again this coming September and i just can't wait to seduce him by wearing my sexy halloween party costumes. I sincerely hope the night is HOT for us, yeah, i am way so longing for his hug and his kiss.


blinka.Li said...

:) should thank the technology, at least can video 'conference' or at least msn chat! imagine you can just call or snail mail!! :P hang in there mate!

Esther said...

I thought you planned to stay in KK for good? You're right, it is not healthy for husband and wife to be living apart. Besides, it is not good for the kids too.