Thursday, July 23, 2009

Opera Mini 4.2 can't work well in Facebook

I have problem using Opera Mini 4.2 for browsing Facebook through my mobile, the Opera Mini 4.2 is good in term of speed, but it goes weird in Facebook ever since Facebook launched their new layout.

I can see a full site of Facebook, but i can't upload my photo, can't leave comment and also can't update my status too. If i really want to do it then i need to switch the full site to mobile site, then only i am able to do so. But switching back and forth is quite irritating.

I sincerely hope the bug can be solved in no time. But according to their engineers, it might take time though..

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Miss.Cur¡ous said...

I get the same here.
But! I used my phone, with my Opera Mini and had a friend log in with her account and she was able to upload her picture.
Maybe it has something to do with our account and not opera mini?
Either way, i hope it's resolved soon. I use opera mini more than a pc.