Saturday, July 04, 2009

I wish i had an uninterrupted sleep

Been wondering how to boost my memory as i am very forgetful lately. Other than that, my wrinkles are getting more and more too, sigh, the forgetfulness and wrinkles prone are the products of post-natal symptoms.

Being a mother of 1 is blissful, of 2 is moderately terrible but of 3 is completely a nightmare, so can anyone tell me how to stay away from growing wrinkles? The pressure of looking after my kids is simply driving me to nuts, the more i stress the more my skin collagen collapse, so maybe the so called best wrinkle cream also not able to play a magic on my face. The only way to wish away those ugly and aging wrinkles is having enough sleep. But for a mother of 3, getting an uninterrupted sleep simply is a DREAM.

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