Thursday, July 23, 2009

Met my long lost friend

I met my long lost friend this morning, i was a bit thrilled the night before i met him. He doesn't change much and still looks as handsome as those young times. Or, i should say he looks more mature and more masculine now. Whereas me, sigh, getting older and older.

As for his wife, she looks pretty undoubtedly. Actually i was a bit envious of her prettiness and her intelligence. His wife and me share a same age, but she definitely looks few years younger than me.

Another thing that made me envious is they just came back from their family vacation, a romantic and relaxing getaway, i was told also the vacation was actually their third honey moon. Lo and behold, i just can't remember when was my last vacation with my man. :(

1 comment:

lisaOne said...

you are so young and pretty ok?

probably just tired from taking care of 3 kids... very young kids.

don't worry. you will get it back. the underlying basic is there :)