Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soccer Net as X'mas present

My elder boy has been attending his soccer lesson for 3 months, time just flies. I still clearly remember his words after he came back from his first soccer class, he said "i don't want to go to the soccer class anymore, the class doesn't nice at all and i felt very tired", but today, it has been 3 months and he loves his soccer class in every bit.

Recently i have been browsing a lot of online malls to hunt for my boys' Christmas presents and found something pretty suitable for my boys. That's a soccer net. I have my love on the Soccer Nets and wished to buy it right away after i saw the picture. But i didn't buy it impulsively then because i would like to discuss with my hubby first.

Hubby prefers to buy Gundam Arios for my boy, but i know my boy will love the soccer net too if i show him later on he comes back from school. Boys being boys, soccer is always their best sport. Last Monday, i had even bought him a jacket which the jacket has few stunning words printed ~ I AM SOCCER CHAMPION, yeah, the jacket is indeed perfect for my little boy, who is not even turned 5.

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