Sunday, November 09, 2008

Equip yourself more

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About the news that i read yesterday, there are getting more companies will be retrenching their staffs in near future in order to fight with or survive on current economic downtime. And, according to many economic predictors, economic will be getting even more weaker next year. Be honestly, i scare every time i read such a news as i don't know will this crisis affect me on day or not. Of course, i sincerely hope it won't and the crisis can be over asap. The news also said, there are getting more students choose to equip themselves through online degree which is much more affordable for them, this is wise as studying online can always be done at own convenience. By doing a simple calculation, it is easy to know in fact studying online is more cost saving than studying abroad yet both give you a same quality of success. So, at such an economic downtime, that's really no point to waste moolah and even no point to think of quitting your study as this is the best time to equip yourself for further tilt.

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