Saturday, November 29, 2008

So unwell

I feel very unwell now, it's like there is something swirling my stomach and makes me wanna vomit. This actually happens everyday although i am now in my second trimester. I don't know what's wrong, i simply feel unwell either i'm full or hungry. Also, i have been getting very moody lately, keeps thinking negative and making everyone unhappy. I even told hubby last night "if i was given a chance again, i would like to be a single", sigh, i think i really need a rest, a good rest without someone disturbing me. Perhaps i just feel tiring to be cooped up at home everyday. :(


Mommy to Chumsy said...

maybe it's wind? have a good rest, hui sia. i also sometimes wish to be single again...eheheheheeh. being a mother is really a hard thing. 24 hour job.

Something About Us said...

congrats on your 3rd pregnancy! hehe..sorry for the late wishes :D

must rest well ok!

- Ling