Wednesday, November 19, 2008

16 weeks pregnant

Today marks my 16 weeks pregnant, time flies and it secretly glided away before i knew it. I always feel like this time i do not have a big tummy, but actually it does look big and visible for others, just like last Friday when i was taking bus to Holiday Plaza, i was even given a seat by one of the passenger., i guessed i definitely looked like a pregnant woman. :-)

Have been dreaming a lot ever since i pregnant, bad one, good one, funny one, horrible one, actually you name it, i was probably had the dream before. Morning sickness, well, was already a history, now what i have is called "evening sickness" as i would feel extremely nausea when the evening comes. Although i can work with my wok again, i still feel the gag every time i look at those meat. But being a tough woman, i prefer to cook for my family instead of having the awesome meals that cooked by my maid.

I am almost due my routine pregnancy check up, in fact, have not made appointment with my gynae, be honestly, i am pretty lazy to go to HK for the checking, ironic, i know i still have to make the trip real.


Jacss said...

sounds great huisia...all on track i suppose, enjoy yr preggie days & keep us posted with more!!
take care...

Oliveoylz said...

The family must be so happy you can cook more maid food! yei!