Thursday, November 27, 2008

Birthday Macaroni

Simple Macaroni with mixed veges and sliced bacon, served well with pasta sauce. But if you do not have pasta sauce, then have fined cook sauce from full cream milk, unsalted butter and cheese will give you the same taste as instant pasta sauce too.

This supposed a birthday breakfast for my hubby on his big day. But that day i was too tired and couldn't get my body up from the bed, so i only made this Macaroni yesterday. A day after his birthday. However, i know he won't bother it as long as i have prepared him something to eat. Actually, he can always has his breakfast at his office canteen since all the food served is FOC, but he still prefers to eat my home-cooked food as those canteen foods are too oily and salty to be eaten.

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Hazel said...

oh, happy belated birthday to your hubby..nice pasta, yummy.