Monday, November 10, 2008

House Renovation?

My FIL is a great person, he built a spacious house for his sons without his sons spending any single cents. That's why hubby has a big house in KK, however the house now is empty as nobody stays at there. Sometimes i worry the house will get spoilt itself without anyone staying there, just imagine or touch wood to say when it has fire happened, then it can burn down the house to ashes. Other than fire, it still has a lot of unexpected happens, so recently we have been discussing what is the best method to prevent the house from further damage.

Hubby ever suggested both kids and me staying at there whereas he still working at here. Be frankly he more prefers the education there rather than here. But as for me, i always want a completed and healthy family which means hubby, wife and kids are all staying together without any apart. Of course, we still have to think what is the most important at this moment, perhaps hubby's suggestion was right as my deep inside also believe my sons are able to get more quality education there. So i jokingly said to hubby that i only willing to go back to our hometown unless the house is fully renovated. Since the house is spacious, so why don't just give a house a complete facelift? You know, even the toilet is bigger than our living room here, for a enjoyment sake, Bathroom Furniture is definitely essential, if possible and affordable, i really don't mind to have a jacuzzi. As a lady, i simply like to have a luxury jacuzzi at my personal toilet.

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