Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jo's class matter

I was pretty shocked when i saw Jo's homework, this was actually his first time to bring back his English homework, also after i told the teacher to do so.

For the past few months, Jo was with the school bus, that's why he left the school quite earlier than his classmates. Even the days without taking school bus, he still needs to leave his class for art at 4:30pm which his class normal ends at 5pm. During the parent opened day last Wednesday, i saw some of his classmates were passing up their English homework, then only at that moment i knew my Jo has never brought back his English homework. Coincidentally i met her English teacher at the corridor, after greeting i asked her why did Jo never bring back his English homework, her answer really shocked me as she said "oh, because he always leaves the class earlier", hello, this is not his mistake to leave the class earlier, that's your school problem. The school bus schedule was arranged by your school, so did the art class, then now you told me was because he left the class earlier so that you were not able to put his homework in his bag. That's ridiculous.

The reason was unacceptable, i then told the English teacher "ok, then you just make sure you can put his homework into his bag before he is leaving the class". Day after day, only 6 days after i was able to see Jo brought the English homework back. The moment i opened up his bag and saw his BRAND NEW English book, the burning flame was all around my body and i was so frustrating and wanted to scold the teacher immediately. I then walked up and down to look for his teacher, but i could not find her and was told she actually had left the school for training.

Now it is about December, his school has started since September, but Jo has not even written the alphabet A, but Jo was requested to write Alphabet I, so means that Jo has missed the practice skill of writing A to H, which those alphabets his classmates have written. I was really angry, what did the teacher do all this while, did not she know Jo has missed out the homework, did she check every student's homework properly, what and how did she feel if she saw Jo's homework is at BRAND NEW condition, did not she suspect Jo had never done his homework?? OMG, all these sort of questions kept popping out from my mind, and i was not able to cool down my angrier.

The school, supposed to make sure every student has same learning pace, then how could my Jo be neglected and nobody found it? If not i attended the opened day, then when was the truth be revealed? Gosh, how i can trust the school again?

This morning, i went to school again and i really wanted to have a good talk with his English teacher, but again was told that she has gone to training. I then told another Chinese teacher who can at least communicate with Jo's English teacher (which is Filipino) , i said i would like to hear some proper explanation from his English teacher, and i hope the teacher can get back to me asap. Otherwise, i will just make my complaint to the principal.

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Blur Angel said...

oh no! that's bad! that's so irresponsible of the teacher! complain!!!