Friday, November 21, 2008

Restaurants in Denver

My taste buds have changed tremendously ever since i got pregnant. Some Chinese old folks say, if the pregnant lady tends to love spicy taste then most probably she will get a baby girl, if she loves sour taste then most probably she will get a baby boy. This round, i love spicy taste very much, so a bottle of chili sauce can always be found in my fridge. Basically, i am sort like cannot survive without the chili sauce. Even my hubby teased me perhaps i couldn't be survived if i followed him to Denver next month since those western countries tend to sprinkle black pepper as seasoning rather than using chili sauce. Actually, this does not bother me as i believe i still can survive with the taste of black pepper, and i can gather more information of Denver Restaurants before i boarding my plane to Denver. Looking the palatable foods sound easier with the advance growing of internet and GPS tracking, so, what else i should worry at?

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