Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch at Cafe De Coral

My yesterday lunch, yummy yummy yummy!

I went to Holiday Plaza right after Jo's class open day, well, i went there alone. I love the foods at Cafe De Coral (大家乐), actually, i hardly have my food at Cafe De Coral every time i travel down to HK, as HK has other good foods than Cafe De Coral. But in China, especially Shen Zhen, i think Cafe De Coral is a restaurant which can provide a good food to people among other restaurants. Most importantly, the foods suit my taste so much.

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Oliveoylz said...

I miss "tai ka lok" too....there was one conveniently situated in the building next to my apartment. Used to buy the bfast set...I miss the curry "chi pah"...