Monday, November 03, 2008

AirAsia, bad service!

Yesterday, during my way back to SZ, Eli was fell asleep right after the plane took off. He was sleeping silently there and that's why i went to the toilet after taking my lunch. I saw Eli was carried by a Chinese Stewardess while i just stepped out from the toilet, i then said "oh, he is awake" as i walked closer to the stewardess, but the expression of the stewardess was quite unfriendly and said i should not leave a baby alone without supervised by any adult. I knew that's my fault but i have never expected be told by a stewardess in such a bad and unfriendly manner. You know, the way she talked to me was very unprofessional as a stewardess, a service provider for flight passengers. As a passenger, i would like to hear something in more nicer way or at least something in friendly way rather than like i was being reprimanded. I was quite disappointed the way how the stewardess handled such a situation. The moment she said the sentence, it was like she is my boss, hey, i paid the money for the flight, then why should i bear such a lousy treat? Although AirAsia can provide cheap airfare, i also paid a thousand Ringgit (RMB2387) to take the flight, that's why i don't think i was deserved such a bad and lousy service. She actually could advice me in another way and i would obey her sentence without much noises. I really wonder should i write in any complaint letter to AirAsia, i actually was quite upset when flying with AirAsia, although i had bought the "Express Boarding", the AirAsia staffs can simply let those passengers without "Express Boarding" stepped out the gate while the passengers with "Express Boarding" were still on their way to aboard the flight. Those passengers without "Express Boarding" could run for their life just because they wanted to get a good seat. Try to imagine a lady who carrying a baby also with "Express Boarding", how could she run in such a way, so the "Express Boarding" simply means meaningless. Or maybe i can say, the "Express Boarding" is just a way that AirAsia vultures people money. And, i pretty curious why this only happened in Sabah?



I guess they think they are budget airlines can provide budget service .. buy yes, like waht you said, pay in thousands too for the airfare!

Vivianz said...

i know!!! if there's other airline that fly direct from KL to SZ, I would consider taking others! Airasia is just too lousy ontheir food, service and the express boarding is plain bullsh*t.

Anonymous said...

FYI Airasia actually has their own blog, so I believe it would be pretty effective if you complain in the blog, cos that's the owner's blog