Monday, November 03, 2008

Worked with my wok again

Today, i was finally worked with my wok again after 3 months of withdrawing myself from cooking. The past 3 months (during my 1st trimester) were a nightmare for me, although i didn't suffer any serious or heavy morning sickness, the unwell stomach, tasteless mouth and tired body were really exhausted me a lot. Even though i am in my 2nd trimester now, actually i still suffer a minor morning sickness, just the suffering time is being shortened and usually it only happens around evening time. I keep my fingers crossed, and wonder when will i get back my normal self again. Hubby actually had been complaining a lot towards the foods cooked by the maid, imagine, the whole family had been eating the unsavory meals for 3 months, haha...maybe i am thankful that we are still survive. :-)

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