Monday, November 10, 2008

A Monday..

I woke up at 6am, put the laundry to washing machine before i planned to do my pending posts. Right after i gave my butt a good sit, Eli started to cry, and his cried was getting louder after 2 minutes of ignoring him. I quickly made him a bottle of milk and then lying on the bed pretending to sleep. However, he was completely awake after his bottle of milk and started to climb up to my bed and disturbing Jo. He pulled Jo's hair, patted his shoulder and back but Jo was still in his sweet dream, that's my elder boy, hardly get disturbed when he is sleeping. Eli, the opposite, is indeed a light sleeper, just like me. So, because of Eli, it goes my morning plan. And only until now i have chance to sit down and continue doing my posts. Sigh, 24 hours seem very little to me, i had been busying the whole morning to clean the boys' toys by organizing and packing them nicely, and i also kept Eli's baby toys nicely in a cleaned plastic bag and stored in the wardrobe, since he no longer fancy over those baby toys, so i better keep them nicely and pass down to the No.3. As for the Winter clothes, i think i will start unpacking them very soon in this few days as the weather is getting colder, for today morning, it's the coldest morning ever since the autumn started. It was about 15 degree then. Weather is extremely dry and the wind is strong too, that's a good weather for outing, but sadly that i still have to stay back home. I have a lot of things to do, but just so little time.

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