Friday, November 21, 2008

Ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming soon and it is always a joyous moment for our family, the Christmas tree, the Christmas presents, the caroling and the dinner with yummy turkey are never failed to bring a felicity smile on kids' face. I guessed that is why every kids love the arrival of Christmas. For adults, Christmas is not only a celebration but also a reunion with our precious family members too.

This year, like previous year, other than attending the Christmas service at church, we will organize a small party at home too. Since Christmas here is not as merrier as other western countries and that day also is not a public holiday, but i still plan to invite my son's classmates come over our house. Most of the kids here are never known the true meaning of Christmas, let alone the Christmas party. So i hope the little party can bring more hilarious memory for those little kids so does some of my friends who stay nearby.

Most probably we will order cater food, or simply fast food like KFC or McD. Since the attendants are majority kids, so i think they will love either KFC or McD instead of others foods which prone to more adult liking. Then comes to game, yeah, the party won't be like party if we left the party away, but both of my hubby and me are not those buffoonery typed, so planning those interesting games seem a tough job for us. Perhaps i should just get the christmas party games ideas from internet so that we won't fail to bring happy Christmas celebration for everyone.

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