Friday, March 28, 2008

Election of United States

I am not a registered voter and i never vote. I know it is pretty shameful to tell people that i have never voted before. Actually, sometimes i do feel like myself like never put effort in choosing the right party for my state. The election in my place is just over, this time i miss the election again since i was outstation during the election. However, i am glad to see the improvement and progression in my place so far.

How about your place? I know US will have election soon, so, have you got registered as a voter? My friend who is staying in Louisiana said she will support John Fleming. Dr John Fleming has very distinctly mind that he wants represent US people as a servant leader and he fights for controlling illegal immigration, cutting spending, lowering taxes, protecting right to life and the list goes. He is also the author of "Preventing Addiction: What Parents Must Know to Immunize their Kids Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction.", and, unlike other politicians today, he is standing firm on his conservative values and traditions. How is your mindset of today congress? Are you satisfied? Do support John Fleming for congress, however, the most importantly is to get yourself registered as a legal voter then only you can support him. :-)

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