Sunday, March 02, 2008

I don't care anymore

The big G doesn't feel like giving back the pr for me though i have sent in my request 10 days before. At first i was very minded why the big G didn't rate my blog properly though my kids' blog is free of bayar post, somehow i felt very unfair because some blogs which loaded with bayar posts also could maintain their pr. I was thinking to re-appeal, but now i have decided to let the blog be what it has now. I don't care of the pr now, if i can have it then just means that i will be very busy to use the blog for earning moolah. I decided to stop earning moolah on my kids' blog is just because i need more time to be a good wife and a good mother. Both my kids need me, for this reason being, stop pressurizing myself is the best way for the time being. Of course, if the big G willing to give me back the pr, i will also happy to accept it.

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Michelle said...

sometimes when i visited blogs that are loaded with bayar post and see that they still hv their pr, i really angry at big unfair right?

anyway, i just re-appeal last night. i hope i will get back mine.