Friday, March 28, 2008

Toy Addiction @ Gundam

Sometimes i found that it is quite hard to please Jo, yesterday he loved Ultraman, today he loves SPD (Power Ranger), tomorrow he will love other toys. His toy addiction just changed so fast.

This morning, he reminded me to buy him the blue Gundam. To be honest, i really don't know how is the Gundam looks like, what i know is, Gundam is not cheap at all. I told him i will buy him if i go HK, but he insisted that i can buy it from Jusco in Coastal City. Hehe...i know, i have been talking a lot of Coastal City lately, haha..i just love Coastal City so much.
Since this morning i didn't go to Coastal City, i did buy him a little Gundam, which comes with sweet. I guess he will still love it. Sweet has never failed to bring smile on kids' face. :-)

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