Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Equip for further battle @ Online MBA

I love study, but i just do not have extra time for any further study. Not mention study abroad or locally, i even do not have much personal time to pamper myself in reading, alas, 24 hours a day just not enough for a little poor SAHM.

I somewhat jealous my man as he can enjoy everything he likes even though he is a father of 2 kids. My kids love their daddy, but they still prefer me to do everything for them which including making them milk, bathe them, coaching their study and the list goes. They'd only look for their daddy when it is a playing time. Perhaps they think their mommy is not a perfect person who is lousy in playing game.

Of late, due to the rat race environment, my man is thinking to take an enrichment class which can get himself improved. However, it has not been easy for a father to make such a decision since i just can't take care of my 2 little kids while he is attending the class. After such discussion, we both agreed that Online MBA is much more suitable for him. Since the class can be conducted through online, then he still can help doing housechores at the same time. Perhaps i can think of taking my Online Degree too since i just love study.

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