Tuesday, March 04, 2008

So sick yesterday

I won't take oyster anymore as the oyster made me felt very sick yesterday. And today is hubby turn...This's the second time i have food poisoning after taking oysters, gosh, both time also from that Heng Feng Hotel, not only me, hubby's colleagues too...gosh..

Luckily i am getting better today after drinking few bottles of Yakult, you know, sometimes Yakult or Vitagen can really help to cure diarrhea and vomit, at least it is a good remedy for me..since i am feeling better now, then i have to browse online and look for plus size clothing for my aunty. It is just not easy for her to have one or two pieces in her small town.


L B said...

Oh dear! Bad oysters are really bad! But maybe you should try Coca Cola to help with your ill tummies as well!

Simple American said...

Hope you are feeling better. Oysters taste so yummy, but really punishing when they go bad.

Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. :)