Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Lunch in "The Spaghetti House"

We had our Easter lunch in The Spaghetti House just now, nothing to shout about as their food served is delicious and it's cheaper if compared The Spaghetti House in HK. Today we ordered a tableful of foods only around RMB200+, that day it charged us about HKD400+ when we had our lunch in HK. Seems like the cost of living in China is much more cheaper than HK. For us, it is normal to spend few hundred on food, but for my maid, she would think it's not worth to pay few hundred for a lunch only. She even said the few hundred is enough for her household monthly expenses. But, today is Easter Day, why doesn't she just enjoy the meal? It's actually not a big sum of money, even not enough for me to pay my life insurance.

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