Friday, March 28, 2008

Hit and Tag the song

I was so surprised when i first heard of iTunes tagging, maybe most of my friends know i am a faithful supporter to Apple stuffs and that's why they would always update me with the latest Apple news. I somewhat had my impulsive to buy the iPod Touch when i first saw it in Coastal City last Sunday. Luckily, i didn't buy it since my friend LB said iPhone is more worth the value.

That's true, really no point to buy iPod Touch since i have the iPod Nano although the features just can't be compared. Maybe i can try the iTunes tagging which enable me to tag the song which i heard on the radio to my iPod Nano, then i can buy the songs directly from the Apple iTunes Music Store.

Sometimes i just don't know what the song is whenever i stumbled across the song on the radio, with this "tagged" facility, i can simply hit the tag button and saved the song's info. Florida High Definition Radio stations is always available to provide the best quality HD radio technology to people, do check new country music stations to find the stations in your market.

1 comment:

L B said...

Yes, wait for a nice iPhone!! Much better value than the iPod touch, especially since you already have an iPod..