Thursday, March 27, 2008

Make it your own

We are considered lucky as we have a ready-made home from my FIL. The house is spacious, but, be frankly, it doesn't look nice at all as my FIL did not hire any architect to draw out the house layout, he built the house by his little architecture knowledge, that's why i said the house doesn't look nice since his architecture skills are somewhat outdated.

However, we are thankful to have this spacious house though the house looks so in "rectangle" shape. Of late, my younger BIL is thinking to purchase ready-made House Plans for his own house. He actually also has a ready-made home from my FIL, the house is beside us. But he prefers to include some style into his house, and that's explain why he is looking for a Home Plans as well recently. He dotes on Log home plans very much, but since it is not suitable to have log house here, so he can just dream of it but cannot own it.

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