Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Expensive school fee

Just paid a thousand plus for my boy's school fee, if convert this amount back to Ringgit, it is enough for me to pay 3 months school fees for him in Sabah. The school he is studying now is actually not so famous at all, and even can consider as local school but its monthly fee is the most expensive among other local schools. Honestly, i just can't accept their education system here, sometimes i wonder how can i trust this school to teach proper English to my boy after seeing the school monthly dispatched booklet. Gosh, the English used as if written by the primary school student. So, what to expect that they can teach my boy well?

In fact, we do not put much hope that our boy can learn proper English, but of course, as a parent, we do hope our boy can get the best education here if only the money is not a matter. If we really want to send our two boys to International school, then we must really need Cash advance otherwise we can just forgo this International School plan. Do you know that, my friend's daughter who is studying in International School in HK needed to pay HKD7000 per month, yeah, you didn't read it wrong, it's HKD7000 per month and not per year. Honestly speaking my man still doesn't affordable this enormous monthly school fee at this moment.

We have second plan too, if my boy still doesn't able to learn well in here then i will bring him back to M'sia, at least education system there is much more better than here.

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