Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I saw my house in Google Map

I was totally impressed while playing the Google map yesterday afternoon. I had never thought that i can see all my houses clearly in Malaysia through Google map, even could saw there's a white color car parked outside the gate. That's really amazing, you should have tried the map out if you have never came across to the Google map.

I am thinking whether i should go back to KL this coming summer holiday, maybe it is necessary to take a look on my house which is rented to Ah Singh, or maybe i should give him notice for moving out from my house since it has been few months he doesn't deposit the house rental for me. His excuse is he has financial difficulties recently after divorced.

Be frankly, i really do not know how to ask him to move out, just felt like very inconsiderated since he has difficulties in his financial as well as his marriage life. Perhaps i should act more supportive, but i do need money for paying the mortgage, that's why i felt in dilemma at times.

My friend suggested jokingly maybe Debt Collection can help me since they are pro in collecting bad debts. Should i really do in this way? Doesn't sound kind to the tenant, right? Hope he can pay the rentals asap!

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L B said...

I love playing with Google Map too! Hours of fun there, looking at all those familiar places from a new angle! Discovering how close things are... and if you look from far away enough, Holland to Italy is just a short hop away!! :0
Yes, go get the Ah Longs onto your tenant! Business is business. Money talks, bullshit walks!! :-)