Friday, March 28, 2008

Befounders - choose your right business partner

All the while i was very against the concept of partnership due to many cases happened right in front of me. Like my BIL and his ex-partner, they were matched and co-compromised at the beginning, but they fought a lot over time and eventually stopped their partnership. "Stop" can be said very easily, but do you know how troublesome is it when comes to money topic. They even fought more violence which ended up to court case and this completely broken their friendship.

Choosing a right partner has not been easier, if you are able to find a good one, then i believe your business can thrive even more than you are expected, whereas if you choose a wrong partner, perhaps the aftermath would just like my BIL's case. If you are in the midst of choosing a right business partner, maybe you can think of this great website

The site is about to help people look for an appropriate business partner. It is like getting Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together to form Apple and getting Chad Hurley and Steve Chen together to form YouTube. Sometimes, an idea people who just lack of tech skills may stop them to progress further, tech people in vice versa too. That's why Befounders is here to bring an idea people and tech people together so that they both can enjoy reciprocity from each other help and advantages. So, this site is a wonderful site for you to look for you right business partner, you can simply register online for a free account. Do check the site out.

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