Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lovely gifts at The UK Gift Company

I found something which is great as wedding gift for my friend. I was initially thinking to send a bouquet of flower to my friend who will be getting married next month, but now as what my hubby said, a little gift would always better than sending a bouquet of flower. Flower would get dried up very soon but gift could last long. Since my friend has a deep affection to British, so i think nothing beats if she can receive a lilliput lane that simply symbolizes the old cottage of British.

When i was browsing the The UK Gift Company, i even found a Wedding Bells by lladro which is pretty suitable for my friend too. The Wedding Bells is elegant that could symbolize the sanctity of marriage. That's why i dote on this Wedding Bells too when i took my first glanced on it. On top of that, it also values the beauty and perfection of couples as well as a testimony of one's love stories.

I would like to buy the willow tree Family Plaque too, the plaque could simply symbolize my birth pain and stories of 2 of my boys. Nothing can compare by putting a plaque at home which is gestural and beckoning.

Check the site if you would like to buy certain beauty gifts for your friends or families. You won't be disappointed by looking out their great site. Check it out.


Ayesha said...


Gifting is becoming a real corporate buzz..
I came across some similar stuff..interesting and contentful..have a look folkss..


neha said...

hi huisia,

well its a good idea to gift a wedding bell, bt it also depends on recipients taste.