Saturday, March 08, 2008

Soccer Equipment for my boy

My boy's 4th birthday is almost soon, my initial plan was let him celebrating his birthday in KFC or McD, but now i just plan to order a cake and let him have a simple celebration in his class on Friday then we will have another celebration + dinner on Saturday night. This time my mother and sister will be here too.

I am not a superstitious type of people, but i just don't understand why my boy would definitely fall sick when his birthday is near. He fell sick for the past 3 birthdays, this year no exception too. Well, he is not the only sick fella at home as the whole household is sick. Just like yesterday night, both of my boys were coughing and sneezing there, they did not sleep well so did i.

Later we will head down to HK again, purely intention to seek for doctor's consultation. Of course, we will buy a birthday present for my boy. He has too many of toys, so this year we plan to buy Soccer Equipment for him. At least he can practice his soccer and also strengthen his body at the same time, i tell you, i really hate to see my boy falls sick, every time he sicks, he could just shed off extra pounds easily, that's what i hate the most.


misha's mum said...

happy shopping in hk :)

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