Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blinds and Shades, perfect for cosy home

When we first moved in to our own house in year 2003, we didn't opt for normal window cloth curtain but shades which were very uncommon to be used at home back then. I actually love to decorate my windows with cloth curtain as i just loved those fancy curtains especially the curtain with tassel fringes. But those days were quite a tough day for us since we didn't have much saving in the bank account after getting married and moved into a double storey house. So, hubby suggested perhaps we could have Roman Shades for our windows. Since hubby was worked in blinds and shades company last time, nothing sounds as attractive since he could get staff price on those shades.

Since then, i doted on shades very much and started to introduce shades to my friends. I was initially thought that it's difficult to clean the shades, but, actually, cleaning the cloth curtain is much more difficult than cleaning the shades. That is why i am planning to do little Window Treatments for my current staying apartment. Perhaps you would say it is not wise to have Roller Shades here since this apartment is not our property and we will not staying in here for long, but since hubby will still be here for another few years, so a little decoration for my apartment's windows is a must. Actually, a lot of modern houses also choosing shades, so, who said blinds and shades only perfect for offices?


Hazel said...

hi, a very simple tag for u. HAve a nice day..

Anonymous said...

Plantation shutters are one option that can really improve the looks of your windows. These shutters look great, and usually look so nice you don't even need to add a valance or curtains like you do with blinds or shades. They are usually made of wood, wood composite, or imitation wood. They can be custom made to fit any window, even those with odd shapes and curves that are hard to fit with many window treatment options. There are many different types of finishes and colors, so they can be made to match the décor in your house.Virginia Plantation shutters

Roman Blinds said...

Nice little post! It's true that paying specific attention to window treatments can REALLY make a difference to a room's appeal, and shades and blinds are becoming more and more popular for a great reason!

Roman Blind said...

I'm a Huge fan of wood blinds!My favorites are the roman blind style.
Like you, I was told that cleaning them were a pain in the..,lol.
Thank God, my husband always agree with me and was very happy with the results in my living room! I never looked back to curtains and today I have window shades in every room! :)