Thursday, June 05, 2008

Apa-apa pun mahal

I didn't sleep well yesterday night and kept thinking the recent price soaring of the petrol. I didn't know why i was so frustrated about the price though it doesn't affect me. Maybe i think of my parents, sister and brother...they all used cars in Sabah and you know, the economic in Sabah is damn bad, that's why i worrying of them.

My life here, well, considered pretty good as compared the life which i used to have when i was in Sabah, or maybe i should say when i was a kid. But you know, i do hope my family can have the same life as me, at least no need to worry about the money and all sort of trivial matters. Wishes are not always come true, i am just a lady who doesn't have a fix income, that's why i really can't help them though i wish i can unless i am thick face enough to ask money from hubby and give the money to my family..

Alas, price of everything rising in Sabah, not even petrol and electricity, even the foods also not cheap at all, so, tell me how can i help my family? The monthly money i give them no longer enough...sigh..


L B said...

What to do, hor? Must carry on ahead the best we can...

etceteramommy said...

I totally understand how you feel... Sigh.