Monday, June 23, 2008

Hubby is X-Men fanatic

Hubby loves X-Men very much, he has been collecting the X-Men's comic books and toys since young, but he still feels not enough. Sometimes i wondered how much is enough for him although the X-Men stuffs are piling as if a little hill in the store room. He wanna get more and wanna introduce them to my boys. Yeah, adults, kids, whoever you are, there was undoubtedly people just like to have certain collection. And, X-Men is hubby favorite collection.

As for myself, actually i do not have specific collection habit, but i have passing fancy that everything comes and goes pretty fast in my life. Today i fancy about bag, tomorrow i will fancy about shoes, that's just uncertainty. Unlike hubby, he used to read everything in very detailed manner before he heading for something, even he would read the buying guide when comes to having his X-Men collection. He definitely won't simply buy anything without knowing the price and its information.

I am planning to buy Activision-X Men Official Game for him, it is a game specially designed for Xbox. This game allows players to play the roles of Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman, and allows to upgrade their signature powers and maneuver through unique environments. I guessed he would like the game. How about you? You can get more info at Collectibles and Memorabilia site.

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