Thursday, June 05, 2008

The art of tattoo

How do you judge people who have tattoos? In my mother's mind, tattoo looks ugly. Well, perhaps, she is an old woman who cannot accept the vogue nowadays. That's why she went madly when she got known that i have the tattoo drawn on my back.

Having tattoo is a symbol of pretty, sexy, mysterious as well as it brought out a very unique personality of someone no matter where is your tattoo be needled. The tattoos affair continues and become even more hotter than last time, in a nutshell, having tattoo is not just a bandwagon but it is an art of beauty for fine self-expression. It's pain to get the tattoo carved however the satisfaction of having tattoo is always covered the pain.

Some avant-garde people even had their tattoos at their private parts, that's bewitching and enough to make your partner to get the extreme fun. Saying practically, the tattoo nowadays is no longer a taboo but is an impressive artwork that everyone loves to have. Look at those celebrities in Hollywood like Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham and others , don't you find the charisma by looking their pretty tattoos?

Would you like to have tattoo too? Why not?

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U.Lee said...

Hello Huisia, was at mama's place noticed your callsign.
Wow! You're in China, huh?
I love your this posting re tatoos. I remember school days used to take our ink pens (ballpens not invented yet) and poke our hands make our initials. Some did last few days too.
Today the stores sell temperory tattoos and on and off when going to a party, I buy one, of a nude lady on a Harley Davidson, paste on my arm....sure get a lots of ribbing.
What tatoo do you have? Not 5 stars, huh? Ha ha.
I love those Sarawak tattoos...whole body too.
Maybe one day when I go to Sarawak, I get one on my arm, but first must check whether painful or not as I am frighten of needles, thats why the only women I never dated are nurses, or lady doctors, ha ha.
You stay easy and keep well, Huisia, Lee.