Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nothing stress than being a mother

How stressful to be a mother, like yesterday i almost went madly when coaching my son in doing his homework. Actually i was trying my best to speak softly to him, but my words just couldn't hold in his brain as if the words came in through left ear but came out from right ear. Hey, then how to control my temper since i still have lot of house chores to do, i just didn't like he kept wasting the time. So finally i had to flash the cane over him. Believed or not, he could finish his writing in just about 20 minutes after i caned him. I told hubby that perhaps the kava is good for me to release my stress, and the most importantly is can strengthen my health.

Last, would you spare the cane when comes to coaching your kids in homework?

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Hazel said...

take it easy! happy weekend