Monday, June 23, 2008

A year free pizza, anyone?

Staying in China is pretty interesting than staying in MY. Even the pizzas served at Pizza Hut are difference than those in MY. In China, they always have different flavour of pizzas that be introduced in different seasons. I like to eat pizza, so does my elder son. He didn't know the words and symbols of KFC, MacDonald, Burger King but he knew the Pizza Hut very well during his early young days. See, how massive of the impact?! However, we seldom bring him to Pizza Hut as dining there is not cheap at all as compared dining in MY.

How i wished i can join the Ristorante Contest which is organised by Dr. Oetker, if i am lucky enough then i can eat the free pizza for a year. Sounded pretty enticing, but what a waste that i can't have such a great opportunity here. Gosh, i just felt like drooling when i browse through the Ristorante website. The pizzas looked scrumptious, and my stomach was complaining too.

Perhaps i should learn how to make pizza so that i can bake one for my family, baking myself is definitely cheaper than having one at outside. Of course, i can't guarantee the pizza tasted, maybe is not as perfect as those outside, but who cares? Everyone will love it as long as it is edible.

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