Saturday, June 28, 2008

Still raining..

It has been raining since..., well, i actually also can't really remember since when. Mid June supposed is a very hot month, but this year the weather has totally changed. The news even said that it will have more typhoons going to hit SZ this year, being a Malaysian, we seldom see "continuous" raining for a week or days, but in here, it would rain and rain non-stop once the rain had been started. Actually, i never had experienced so much rain in my life...haha...

Having said so, i still prefer rainy day more than sunny day. :)


jacss said...

well huisia...u r right, it was raining cats & dogs during my visit to HK in the 3rd week of June-08. my first encounter of what was it called "typhoon" too... hahaha
luckily nothg serious happened!
will update my visit soon....catch up!!

Alvin said...

Its been bright and sunny in KL and Brunei... we came back from KL a few days ago and it has been hot and sunny these few days... hope it rains occasionally to cool down the weather :)