Friday, June 20, 2008

No.1 solution for moving

Being a lady has never failed to chit-chat like a "speechmaker", just like yesterday, i had face-to-face chatting with my friend from 12 noon till 5pm, and we even did not feel tiredness and thirsty although we had a marathon chit-chatting. Gosh, actually it has been quite a long time since i last chatted continuous with friend, if not wrong, that time i was still in MY, see, i was just so deprived of having a good and intimacy talk.

I think my life here will be getting more interesting as another family will join my hubby's ex-company, and, surprisingly the wife is my friend's friend, and i also managed to know we are actually same age and both are shopaholic. Yeah, i would like to have more friends here hence to keep my sanity, as a lonely mother of 2 young kids staying in a strange country without close relatives and friends is pretty pity, so now i just hope they can come earlier so that i won't be too boring. It is just so coincidence to know her family from another friend of mine.

Moving house is very arduous process, that's why i can understand her worries now. I hope everything will turn well for her family and we can meet up as soon as possible. Perhaps moving house can be done easily if they can find a Truck Rental Moving like the one in Chicago. Sometimes i would rather prefer to pass the worries to moving expert hence to have peace of mind when comes to house moving or whatever form of moving.

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misha's mum said...

hehehe ... :) hope both of you will become good friends :)