Monday, June 23, 2008

Do think of GPS tracking

Have you heard it is dangerous to take taxi? I have been hearing "take taxi alone is dangerous especially you're a girl" since i was young. Recently, there was a lady being kidnapped by a taxi driver, i bet you could think of the aftermath of a lady being kidnapped. That's really a horrible news happening in my hometown, and everyone has been talking about it almost everyday. You know, the lady is just 18 years old, what a pity!

In my place, more and more taxis have the GPS tracking installed, it was great to know that as this real time GPS tracking technology is pretty good for automotive fleet management. In short, it is quite safe for passengers to take a cab with the GPS tracking installed than those without it. Also, if you have a young driver kid who just got the driving license, then nothing beats to track their driving habits through GPS tracking.

GPS tracking is not only gone fine for vehicles because lot and lot families nowadays also preferred to have GPS tracking device at their home so that they are able to know what their kids or maids are doing. See, our technology has been thriving rapidly indeed.

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GPS Tracking said...

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