Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Change our lifestyle hence to save more money

We have to change our lifestyle a bit after the recent shocking petrol hike. We used to dine outside but now we only dine once per week hence to save more money. Salary still remained the same, that's why what we have been earned just cannot conquer the inflation problem. Also, we cut off those extra entertainments, previously we liked to watch movie in cinema but now it is good to rent the DVD. Movie ticket is not cheap, so better go for DVD. Every cent counts and can be accumulated.

Actually staying at home is not that bored as we have a Xbox 360, i even could find a very good bonding between hubby and sons after buying the Xbox 360 last month. I was also told that we can facelift the console by the Xbox 360 Faceplates, it is really cool which the faceplates start at $15, yeah a bit affordable to spend. Since price of everything has been escalated, so we definitely have to be a wise shopper, perhaps can compare the price before buying something. If wanna look for a budget and also a good quality stuffs, then nowhere can be better than shop in comprehensive online mall.

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