Saturday, June 28, 2008

I can't wait to get my Coach

CARLY SIGNATURE at USD398, size - 17(L) x 13(H) x 6(W)

SOHO SIGNATURE SMALL HOBO at USD218, size - 11.5(L) x 8.5(H) x 3.75(W)

I wanna buy these 2 Coach bags, the Carly Signature will be available online on 31 July, i don't like to wait, when i want something, i always hope i can get it immediately. Will buy it and send to my friend who is staying in Texas, then she will ship it to China for me. Perhaps it is cheaper that i buy them directly in HK than buy them from the Coach Official website. How i wished i were staying in State.


一楠 said...

did you like it very much?can't wait?

Jaanvi said...

nice stuff