Monday, June 02, 2008

Get a new house

Hubby has just set his target to settle our home loan by end of next year. Is it possible? Yeah, it is possible since he is a type of man who said it who can do it. Settling a home loan is always arduous, i believe most of you agreed this, moreover, everything is lifted up nowadays and our financial burdens seem even more harder.

Anyway, hubby still wishes to buy another house since he is still affordable although bearing two home loans are always overwhelming. As a good father, his greater wish is providing each son a home so that our kids do not have to struggle their works and bearing the onerous loans when they grow up. I am always thankful that i have such a lovely hubby who takes to fatherhood like a duck to water and sets his family and kids in first priority.

Looking for a good home loan package is not easy since there are quite a lot of home loans packages available in market, but i truly believed that hubby can find a perfect one if he can contribute his time to do some basic surveys and checking out the loans comparison.

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