Thursday, June 12, 2008

More shopping to go..

Everyone talking about the Apple 3G iPhone now, yeah, it is half the price and twice as fast. That's why i am so tempted to get as it is just at USD299. Friend of mine even told me it is just at USD199 for the basic one, gosh, what an irresistible price to get one chic iPhone. However hubby very against my will as he said if he was me, he would get a desktop computer since he has been tiring to hear my complaints about my "snail" loading of the processor. That's why he prefers me to spend the money to get the HP Compaq dc7600 Convertible Minitower PC instead of iPhone since he believes the 3G doesn't seem useful for me.

As staying in China, we cannot use other 3G phones to access the 3G service here as only the local made of 3G phone is able to access the 3G service, so it would be pretty wasteful to hold 3G iPhone in China. My man is a calculative typed, maybe in his mind i only can get one thing at one time, but for a lady, this theory has never been established as ladies can get a lot of things at one time as long as their wallets are affordable to pay it. So, i don't think it is a problem to get my 3G iPhone as well as the HP Compaq dc7600 at the same time. I did a little bit of surveying in the famous online shop, Shopwiki, i found that their deals are really irresistible again as similar as the price of getting one 3G iPhone. As for this reason, i guess i would have more reasonable points to get my man pays the 2 items for me.

Minitower PC is another hit for frequent computer users, though it is mini in size, size is not a matter if it still able to give fast processing. As long as not as sluggish as snail, i would be very happy to accept it. Who likes to use Adobe Photoshop if the computer's processor likes to make sluggish processing.

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L B said...

Haha, who's more calculative then? :-)