Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blues Festival

I never board on cruise but i know sailing at sea is a wonderful experience to have at least once in a lifetime. I read Ann's blog before, she had wonderful holidays during her cruising to Mexico. Now, i think i should give myself a best treat after 9 months of pregnant. I think my hubby should be no opinions at all when comes to this cruising.

To be honest, i am not really understand what are the funs we can have during our sailing on a cruiseliner, will it be boring since we need to be confined in the cruiseliner for few days? My friend keeps reliefing me that will be lot of funs during the
blues festival organised by Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise. Their events even are the world's fully chartered blues cruise and they are a floating music festival at sea on a cruiseliner. I can totally immerse myself to those musics and dancing, other than that, i can have sun bathing on an upper deck while enjoying the bands playing.

Now they have a big event again, the cruise sails from San Diego to the Mexican Riviera will be on Oct 13 till 20, 2007. That's great as i can bring along my baby to join the blues festival fun as well. I totally believed we are going to have joyous fun soon as joining their event since Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise has been successfully selling out their events annually in the Caribbean for over 5 years. Friends, do you want to join this fun? Let me know as soon as possible, so that i can book the date together.