Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crazy again..

Took the guy to do the mosquito net measurement in my hubby's house yesterday. It charged RM976 for the bedroom's windows, the man just willing to give me RM20 discount after bargaining.
Woo..the house is so dirty especially the floor, i really don't know when i can start cleaning the house since a lot of things haven't fixed yet especially the air-cond and water heater. No one can help me out, i have to do all the things by myself though i am heavily pregnant now. Sometimes i do have my complaints as i really can't feel like that one is my home. I just hate to hear it whenever my hubby said "that is your house, you should stay over there"....but, does he really understand how is my feel? Hey, i am going to deliver the baby soon, but until now, i never received any concerns from my in-laws, if they are really wanted to see me to have my confinement there, then why nobody takes initiative to help me to clean the house, and get everything ready? There is no drinking water as well...so i have to bring my hot and cold drinking water to Inanam house, so that all of us can SURVIVE there.


Debbie Y said...

Poor thing! Why don't you hire a part-time maid to help you up?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Yep, just hire two of those part timers to clean one time and should be fine already. U better rest instead, it'll be too much work.