Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Trip Insurance

Summer holiday is almost here, we have almost packed our luggage to board the flight to Hawaii soon. We thought everything is well prepared till my uncle asked us whether we have bought the travel insurance that can cover everything for us. Oh, gosh, we have never thought of it as we were initially thought that the travel agent has already given us the comprehensive insurance coverage. Checked out from them then only knew that we are actually put ourself at risk. Fortunately my uncle who is an insurance agent has introduced this Trip Insurance for us. This insurance policy has given the wide coverage and protection for the travelers such as :
- industry-first “Cancel For Any Reason” cash back benefit

- hurricane warnings or other inclement weather
- worldwide 24-hour medical protection
- emergency medical evacuation
- coverage for pre-existing medical conditions
- terrorism
- trip cancellation/interruption

That's good to cover our Hawaii trip through TravelSafe Insurance which their coverages are unbeatable and they has been running their business over the 35 years. If you're keen to have yours, you can get their quote from Travelsafe.com or call (800) 523-8020 anytime.

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