Friday, June 29, 2007

Vacation to Kauai

My uncle and aunt are going to celebrate their 25 years wedding anniversary to Kauai. Isn't it sound cool and thrill to have the romantic celebration on the beach and viewing the wonderful sunrise and sunset in holding hands. Woo..just thinking here i already can feel how the romantic of it. No wander my aunt looks so pretty these days, i guess she might think like this way as well.

Now, they are looking for the
Kauai vacation rentals, they have been thinking to rent a spacious and airy custom-built home. And finally, they have booked the "Hale Pukana La Princeville" from Hawaiian Beach Rentals. In this "Hale Pukana La Princeville", it is nearby the ocean and mountain, so that they can have ocean and mountain views easily from the accommodation room. Since they are going to travel with their kids, so this custom-built home is definitely appropriate for their family. Other attractions include nearby restaurant, breathtaking waterfalls, Waimea Canyon (known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) and more.

I believe they can unearth all the stunning views and spots, hope they are enjoying their trip.

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The New Parent said...

Hi H--sounds like it will be a lovely time. 25 years married? Whew. After so many years, it is time to have a vacation (smile).