Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cherries are in Season

I want to eat fresh cherries, but very unfortunately i am not staying in 4 seasons country, that's why i am really deprived of seeing those fresh, juicy and big cherries in my country. Though i can buy cherries from local supermarket, dear, the size and the shape due to over storing in fridge just make me feel like don't want to buy. How i wish i can spot some fresh cherries in basket here. Haha...very luckily i came across to this “The Fruit Company”, it has been running their orchard fresh gift to customers since year 1942, and currently they have the pre-order service for Cherries which are in Season. I can order the Cherries Gift Basket which available in 2 lb, 3lb and 5lb boxes from them now, and it just needs 2-day of shipping that is FOC as well. Some more, they guaranteed the cherries will be arrived in fresh and cool condition so that i no need to worry it will be gone stale. The most attractive part to order from them is because i can choose both delicious Bing and Rainer cherries as they will keep them inside their deep mahogany color of dark colossals. Friends, if you want to try out this delicious cherries, you better order from them now, as the cherries will not ship until July.