Friday, June 29, 2007

Maytag Refrigerators

My neighbour is looking a good refrigerator now, as the old one is broken down due to the hard running of the compressor. Since it is a Summer in China, the compressor of the refrigerator have to work much harder to keep the food cold, that's why it broken down easily during Summer time and some more the refrigerator he owns actually has more than 15 years old.

My neighbour is quite well doing online searching, he has came across to this
Maytag Refrigerators, with the available and unique "Krillion Localization Engine", he could find his desired refrigerator from there without hunting the appliances depots one by one to just look for one refrigerator. What the concept provided by Krillion is to deliver search results category-by-category. Thus, the readers can do their research and comparison prior they drive their cars to the store and get the items they wanted.

He has introduced the site to me as well, i think i need to change my old type fridge soon since my hubby always complaints the fridge is not cold enough to keep his beers.

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