Wednesday, June 27, 2007


As a pregnant woman always entitled to get special privileges. Like yesterday afternoon while i was applying my Streamyx account in TMPoint, Tanjung Aru, the lady staff appointed me to sit down and processing my application without me to wait for my number turn. Wooo...i was so shock and felt a bit honoured, to be honest, as a pregnant ladies in Malaysia, we definitely deprived of some extra respectation and benefits from government and even some private sectors. Anyway, i have diverted my mind a bit and feel thanks to the staffs in TMPoint, Tanjung Aru, i am appreciated their service provided. Another Malaysia BOLEH!!


khai khee said...

oohh, so u r finaaly applying for streamyx... no need to go internet cafe everythime u wan to online..

Simple American said...

Thats good somebody canm be so kind. :)